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An improved A27? Grounds for concern and caution.

National park “Friends” group, the South Downs Society, today expressed a mix of concern and caution over government’s controversial plans to invest in major expenditure on the A27 trunk road in Sussex.

Said Society chairman, Robert Cheesman, “Our focus is always on the implications for the national park but this week’s announcement is very light on detail. Any schemes for a bypass at Arundel could have a major impact on the park, as could proposals for the A27 between Beddingham and Polegate. We’re pleased that the key role of the South Downs National Park Authority in any decision has been recognised and we will be working closely with them in responding to any specific proposals that may come forward. It’s also a plus that there doesn’t seem to be any move towards solving the congestion at Worthing and Lancing by encroaching into the national park.”

The Society says it will be considering the visual and noise impacts on the special qualities of the national park of any new alignment and traffic flows on the A27 in both the shorter and longer term, the potential effects on other routes within the park, the impact on non-car users, and the implications for climate change.

Says Robert Cheesman, “We recognise the congestion and accident problems along parts of this road but the South Downs National Park is a very special place and that has to be taken on board.”




2 thoughts on “An improved A27? Grounds for concern and caution.

  1. I have lived south of the downs for almost 70 years and love the area. I will still love them if the A27 has to run to the north of Chichester. Landscaping on new roads is done very sympathetically these days and could give motorists an enhanced view of our lovely countryside.

    Having said how much I treasure the South Downs, I also love and value life. It is a very sad fact that all vehicles on our roads produce poisons to our fellow beings. Research has proved that many illnesses are caused by such pollutants. Thousands of children live and are schooled on the upwind side and immediately adjacent and to the current A27 Chichester bypass. Now that we know the findings of research, it would seem CRIMINAL to manipulate the current road to increase its capacity and thus shorten lives and cause suffering. Surely humanity in England doesn’t stoop that low.

    1. Unfortunately any road “improvements” will tend to encourage an increase in traffic whichever “solution” is found to the congestion on Chichester bypass. A northerly bypass, as well as impacting visually on the national park, would also guarantee more cars on the A27 around Chichester — adding to the pollution you describe — as well as encouraging even more overloading at other “pinch points” along the road, such as Arundel and Worthing/Lancing.

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