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Members Meeting

SDS Members

Held in the Norfolk Arms in November, this half day meeting was an opportunity for Council members to give short talks on particular areas in which they were involved and to encourage questions from members attending this informal event.

Chairman, Robert Cheesman, introduced the speaker starting with Trevor Beeston covering a range of current planning issues. This was followed by Glynn Jones on ‘The High Woods Project’, looking for volunteer members to take part in investigating hidden historic sites. Robert Self spoke about the work of the Access & Rights if Way Committee and the importance of their work in providing information about the state of footpaths etc. Further maps of the Society’s series of Access Land Maps would be available shortly on the website. Not finance, but the ‘Secret Shore Project’ was the subject of the talk by Andrew Lovett. Funding had now been secured for the project which would involve a wide ranging exercise, gathering information about some Sussex coastal towns and their hinterland. In presenting an analysis of the Society’s events over the last 3 years, Peter Harris said it had become more difficult recently to sustain reasonable numbers on some events but it was important to provide a range of activities for members. Ian Elliott spoke of the need for the Society to become more concerned with Conservation aspects and was looking for some District Officers to become more involved in highlighting problems.

In conclusion, Robert Cheesman mentioned that Council would welcome members’ views on the proposed improvements to the A27. In thanking members for coming, he said we would consider holding similar sessions in other parts of our area.

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