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National park Friends group welcomes rethink on A27 Lewes to Polegate

On 26 September Highways England announced its proposals for improvements to the A27 east of Lewes, having consulted last autumn on various bypass and junction options. The Society has issued a press release welcoming the announcement, text below.


National park Friends group welcomes rethink on A27 Lewes to Polegate

The South Downs Society has broadly welcomed the latest proposals for the A27 between Lewes and Polegate.

Highways England, responsible for managing and improving the trunk road network, has announced measures to reduce congestion and accidents following public consultation last autumn. Junction improvements at Polegate, Wilmington and Drusilla’s roundabout are included in the announcement but controversial plans for a Selmeston bypass through the South Downs National Park have been dropped.

Says South Downs Society chairman David Sawyer, “The options for Selmeston would all have been very destructive to the national park for no tangible benefit so we’re delighted that scheme has been abandoned. The measures to improve safety at the difficult Wilmington crossing look like a good attempt to solve an awkward problem and we’re particularly pleased to see the emphasis on extending the cycle and pedestrian route alongside the main road. That will help more people enjoy the very special qualities of our treasured landscape without destroying it.”

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