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National park society gives cautious welcome to new park plan

The South Downs Society has submitted its comments on the draft plan for the national park drawn up by the South Downs National Park Authority in a consultation running from 2 September to 28 October.

The Society has been fully engaged in the preparation of the plan and has not found too many major surprises amongst the 59 draft policies and sites proposed for development. We have welcomed the structure of the plan with its emphasis on the national park purposes of conservation and enjoyment taking precedence over development – while recognising the need for appropriate levels of new “affordable” housing, suitably located and designed.  We have where necessary added our own detailed commentary and suggestions for new or amended policies aimed at achieving the purposes for which the park was designated.

The plan will, once it has gone through its various stages of consultation and examination, become a key document in conserving and enhancing the special qualities of the park and guiding development. It is anticipated that it will be adopted around June 2017. Click Here for the text of the Society’s full response.


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