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National Park Society gives two and a half cheers for South Downs Local Plan

The South Downs Society has actively engaged at each stage of preparation of the new local plan for the South Downs National Park. We have met with park authority staff at each stage, submitted comments on its general principles as well as specific land use allocations and development management policies, and believe our voice has been heard.

While most local plans are dominated by the need to find locations for new housing, this plan is “landscape led”. It seeks to ensure that, while sites can be found for affordable housing to meet local needs, strong limits are placed on housing numbers.

The draft plan contains 96 policies. We have looked carefully at every one, commented on most and suggested some that aren’t there. We believe the overall approach deserves our support — there will undoubtedly be those who will lobby against it — and we have commented robustly where we feel the plan needs improvement.

To read our full response CLICK HERE.

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