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More about the songs and how they were learned?

These are songs that were generally sung unaccompanied without instruments. Often they would have been sung by groups of people meeting together for a celebration, a festival, or simply in the pub.  There were songs that told of lost loves – men who had sailed away years before, but who had promised to return. Some songs told of the life of fishermen and their battles against the ‘raging sea.’ Others celebrated specific trades or jobs, such as the collier boats that brought coal from the North-east to the Sussex coast.

How were they learned?

They were taught by teachers who have been singing these songs for many years. Teachers included Chris Hare, who first started singing when he was 19, and Emily Longhurst, who runs monthly songs sessions for the South Downs Folk Singers.

Workshop participants learned the songs in the ‘oral tradition,’ just as would have been the case for hundreds of years. They were not be given words and music. Instead they listenrd to the songs being sung by the workshop leaders and then sang them back.

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  • John Walden
    2 years ago · Reply

    Good afternoon. Is there any way I can purchase the cd?


    • 2 years ago · Reply

      The CD is now available for purchase from the Shop page on this web site.

  • Nigel Frey Author
    3 years ago · Reply

    Thank you for your message and your interest in joining the Songs Workshops.
    If you would like to join the Songs Workshops which start in September please go to the Secret Shore web page and register.


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